What does a home inspector do for you? A qualified home inspector must provide you with a inspection report detailing the current state of the home and its main components.

Why Periscope Home Inspections? Home inspections are an important part of buying or selling your home. Understanding your inspection report is equally important to that process. We at Periscope Home Inspections are dedicated to providing you with a user friendly and comprehensive inspection report. Periscope Home Inspections is a local family owned and operated company serving Eastern North Carolina.

The state of North Carolina has a standards of practice. This is a set of guidelines and definitions created by the state to help protect the client. We at Periscope Home Inspections Strictly follow these standards of practice to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.

For a more in depth understanding of what a licensed home inspector provides, see NC DOI Standards of Practice.( we have provided a link below for your convenience).

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